Google Analytics

From attribution to multi channel traffic follow up, our certified team will walk you through it all

Google Display Ads

Be visible in the right places with the google display network


Perhaps the most efficient campaign type at numerikLabs, remarketing lets you improve tenfold the conversion of your campaigns

We are much stronger through our expertise !

Google Search

Mis en place d’une stratégies d’enchères adaptées à vos objectifs et basées sur le Machine Learning pour accroître la notoriété, acquérir du trafic qualifié, générer des leads et bien plus.

Google Display

We’ll help you create Display ads (banners) on a network of more than 2 millions websites, videos and applications partnered with google, allowing you to reach more than 90% of all web users.

Google Shopping

Thanks to an efficient and accurate positioning of your products on line, you’ll be gaining visibility, traffic and conversation all while understanding the buying behavior of your clients (allowing you then to leverage that data for future clients!) 

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