Google My Business (GMB)



Reinforce your local engagement with numerikLabs' GMB management service


Convert more clients than ever using our unique GMB strategy


As part of our GMB management service, we'll constantly be optimizing your local posting!

Creation, optimization and management of Google My Business

Our GMB experts will help and guide you through all the steps required for a successful local listing: from it's inception all the way to local SEO optimization.

Management & Local Optimization

The most important element in a SEO strategy is knowing where your traffic is coming from. Google My Business provides you with this valuable data, telling you your traffic's origins . With numerikLabs on your side, we'll be able to exploit that data for your profit!

Google My Business

Exploit built in tools

With all the tools and data provided by Google My Business, we'll be able to go beyond local SEO.

Boost your conversion

GMB is far more than a simple directory. It's a complete and integrate tool that will help you increase revenues and therefore profits!

Exchange with your clients

Create a community and engage with your clients via Google

Google Algorithms

GMB's algorithms are always changing depending on local demand. We'll optimize your listing to make sure you are always on top!
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